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The Leader in Remote Dental Billing Services

 Because we believe your claims should be as clean as your patients teeth

Maximize Profits, Minimize Hassle

Offering customizable and budget friendly full revenue cycle management you can rely on. 

     Processing clean claims with a 98% collection rate 
         Reducing your overhead and increasing your cashflow
       Focus on your patients while we focus on your profits



Clean Claims Dental Management is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and provides remote dental billing services to offices nationwide. What sets us apart from other remote billing services is our commitment to customization and tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of your office. We understand that every dental practice is different, so we offer personalized packages that go beyond collections. Our focus is on identifying areas where your office can enhance overall business performance and improve the quality of service provided to you and your patients.

Learn How Our Services Can Benefit You!

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Clean Claim


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Insurance Payment Posting and Allocation

Market Analysis

Aging Reporting and Appeals

Digital Payment

Patient Billing


Dr. Kalra, Berkeley CA

Thanks to Dora at Clean Claims Dental Management, our office was able to see an increase in  collections right away. They raised our office collections rate from 93% to over 100% in the first month alone. Not only was the office's collection rate healthier than ever before but it relieved the financial stress from the entire office. Monthly and quarterly bonuses have became a regular occurrence with them handling our billing and patient collections!


Start streamlining your billing processes, reducing costs, and focusing on delivering excellent dental care to your patients today with Clean Claims Dental Management.

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